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Humanities & Science Writing

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Proofreading Services

Ensure correct spelling and grammar

Is your text so close to done? Need a second set of eyes to look it over and iron out the kinks? We’ll catch the mistakes your spellchecker missed, ferret out erroneous punctuation, vanquish any formatting snafus, and eliminate grammatical infelicities to ensure your writing is free of surface errors.

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Copyediting Services

Strengthen structure and content

Do you need more substantive work on your text? Want someone to disentangle your syntax or recombobulate your structure and content? Our copyeditors will recognize what you are trying to say and help you say it as eloquently as possible. From light copyediting to major revisions, we’ll meet you where you’re at.

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Premium Services

Top-to-bottom developmental editing

Need an intellectual sparring partner? Need some help hammering out concepts? Want to rebuild your manuscript from the ground up? We’ll take a ‘deep dive’ into your writing. We’ll identify structural problems, propose constructive solutions, and give personalized, one-on-one guidance.

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Additional Services

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Presentation Coaching

Want incisive feedback on how your presentation sounds and looks? We will carefully listen to and watch your presentation to get you into top condition for the real deal. We do verbal coaching. We’ll help with the writing style and formatting of your slides.

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ESL: English as Second Language

English not your native language? It can be challenging to present clear arguments or complex information in any language, let alone one that isn’t your first. We’ll work with you to help convey your ideas in precise, conventional English that retains your distinctive voice.

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Dissertation Assistance

Dissertations are another animal entirely. We should know; we’ve done them too! Our dissertation proofreading and copyediting services come from a place of hard-earned experience. Need help with a chapter? Footnotes and bibliography? We’ll help you slay the dissertation beast.

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What’s the Difference?

Proofreading vs. Copyediting

These terms are often used interchangeably. However, there are crucial differences between proofreading and copyediting services.

Proofreading is the process of smoothing out the kinks in a text. Proofreaders identify and fix spelling, grammatical, syntactical, and word-choice errors, as well as formatting issues such as pagination and footnotes.

Unlike your computer’s spellchecker, proofreading is done by HUMANS. Humans who can catch and correct bad syntax. Humans who know the difference between “effect” and “affect,” or between “naval” and “navel.” Humans who know where the damn apostrophes are supposed to go.

Copyediting is a much more involved process. Beyond mere grammatical correctness, copyediting services ensure that a text is well written.

All serious writing involves a copyediting phase. An article with spotless grammar can still be excruciating to read. Even the most brilliant research projects will flounder if their grant applications don’t catch the reviewer’s eye.

Both proofreading and copyediting are vital parts of the writing process. Not sure which one you need? Contact us anytime for a free consultation!

A Few Errors Your Spellchecker WON’T Catch!

Spellcheckers these days are pretty good, but they’re still machines. They catch misspelled words in a flash but generally can’t detect when real words are used in the wrong context. Here are some choice examples of classic errors your spellchecker won’t save you from:

  • It’s vs. Its (we’ve all been there)
  • There vs. Their vs. They’re (facepalm)
  • Gold vs. Golf (note the proximity of D to F on the keyboard)
  • Naval vs. Navel (awkward)
  • Eminent vs. Imminent (you look super smart if you get this right)
  • Conscious vs. Conscience (ditto)
  • Angel vs. Angle (important for tattoos)
  • Mature vs. Manure (gross)
  • Public vs. Pubic (based on a true story)

Don’t let a robot be your proofreader.

Hire HUMANS and get the expert, professional treatment your work deserves.

Your intellectual property and privacy is our paramount concern. Proofread Hero will not disseminate your ideas or work in any form, or give away your personal details. If required, we will also sign confidentiality agreements before undertaking your work.

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