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The Proofread Hero Team

Donna Bilak

Donna is an academic and a goldsmith with a PhD in Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture from the Bard Graduate Center. Donna has ten years experience helping professionals and students strengthen the overall structure and content of their writing. She has extensive teaching and research experience and publications in the history of early modern science and jewelry studies, detailed at

Adam Fix

Adam received his degree in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine from the University of Minnesota. He has been a proofreader and copyeditor for numerous academic and non-academic projects and is particularly interested in science writing, medical writing, and technical writing. He is also a contributing writer for Beyond the Professoriate, a career coaching service helping academics build successful careers.

Dustin Studelska
Writer & Marketing Specialist

Dustin is a freelance writer and budding marketing specialist with a PhD in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine from the University of Minnesota. His writing experience ranges from academic work and personal statements to SEO blogs and print advertisements. He is also an accomplished undergraduate educator who enjoys electric guitar and board game design. You can find some of his writing at

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Client Testimonials

I have consulted Proofread Hero for research articles and blog posts. Writing for the reader requires someone else’s critical eyes to help you get out of your own head. Proofread Hero will make you think about writing in ways you did not consider.

A. S. Barwich, PhD, Indiana University Bloomington

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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